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Volunteer with KTM

KTM always has opportunities to help around the shul and improve the quality of life for its members. If you are interested in knowing how you can help, email the office at ... and thanks!

Although we have opportunities to help the shul on smaller projects with short commitment time frames, if you would like to join one of our ongoing committees, they include:

Ritual Committee The Ritual Committee oversees Shabbat and holiday services, torah/megillah readings, and other related activities at the shul.

Programming Committee The Programming Committee conceives of and executes a robust variety of events for KTM that include social, educational, recreational, and religious/holiday activities.

Children’s Programming KTM maintains an active children’s programming for Shabbat and holidays, as well as special events during the year.

Kitchen Committee The Kitchen Committee oversees the kitchen and food-related events at the shul, such as shul dinners and kiddushes, making sure that our standards of kashrut are being maintained while pleasing participants.

Hospitality Committee The Hospitality Committee is the point of contact for people who need housing or meals on a Shabbat or holiday.

Membership Committee The mission of the Membership Committee is to attract prospective members to KTM, welcome new members, and engage current members.

Investment Committee The Investment Committee is charged with overseeing KTM’s assets and making sound financial decisions that will maintain the healthy finances for the synagogue.

Development Committee The Development Committee is responsible for forging connections with donors and increasing ways to bring monies to KTM.

Security/Safety Committee The Security/Safety Committee is responsible for the security and safety of KTM members, guests, staff, and visitors when in the building, as well as for the physical building itself.

Operations/Building Committee The Operations Committee oversees all issues related to KTM’s building and systems.

Design and Garden Committee The Design and Garden Committee oversees the landscaping around the KTM building, including gardening issues and back patio area.

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