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This year we are not 'selling seats' for our holiday services. In spite of the limitations surrounding the pandemic, we are able to have limited services in person. For more information about the three services, please contact the Rabbi. Please participate with our congregation in making a donation in lieu of the purchase of seats to help us meet the costs of providing these opportunities. Make your contribution here.

Daily and Shabbat Services During COVID-19

If you have not done so yet, please fill out this survey as soon as possible: 


1) To register to attend minyan this Shabbat at shul, please read the protocols document below. The use the spreadsheet below it to sign up: 

Required to read before registering: 

Register here:


2) To register to attend outdoor minyanim use this sign-up sheet:

Protocols for outdoor minyan:


The minyan schedule now available for sign up is as follows:



(all outdoors)


(Shabbat is indoors, otherwise outdoors)

Thu - 8/27 7:20pm 6:50am
 Fri - 8/28 7:00pm 6:50am
 Shabbat - 8/29 6:00pm (mincha only) 9:00am
 Sun - 8/30 7:05pm 8:30am
 Mon - 8/31 7:05pm 6:50am
 Tue - 9/1 7:05pm 6:50am
 Wed - 9/2 7:05pm  6:50am
 Thu - 9/3 7:05pm 6:50am
 Fri - 9/4 6:50pm 6:50am


3) For those not able to or uncomfortable attending weekday minyan in person, please use the Zoom link below to attend minyan (if it is meeting - check the spreadsheet in (2) ).'


4)  First night Selichot led by Dr. Jesse Hefter will be held on Saturday night, September 12. It will be an abbreviated version and will take place at 10pm in the KTM shul building.

The rules will be the same as for Shabbat morning.

Required to read before registering: 

Register here:


Support the Kadimah Fund

We have a wonderful opportunity to build a fund for the future around our new building. Please respond generously and watch as we put the pieces into the puzzle in our foyer.  Please make sure you are signed in and then click to Make a pledge to the Kadimah Fund.

building portrait by Eli Portman

KTM accepted to the Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project

With pride, we can announce our participation in this important initiative. We have committed ourselves to increase our accessibility to all segments of our community. We now have an accessibility committee, headed by Juliette Landesman to hear and respond to concerns about barriers to participation. You will see this logo displayed on our website and our bulletin:


With appreciation to Juliette Landesman, Robert Housman, Rabbi Strauss, Jen Gordon and Steffi Burke who worked on applying for this program.


Now is the time to join KTM or renew your membership

Now is the time to join KTM or renew your membership!

Current members, click here to pay your annual membership dues directly.

Prospective members, click here to apply for membership.  


Sisterhood membership

We would also like to ask our members to contribute to the Sisterhood Fund by paying their Annual Sisterhood Membership fee.

Check your mailbox or click here to learn more about the achievements of our active Sisterhood and pay your membership fee.


Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger Memorial Book

7 Tishrei marked the eighth yahrzeit of Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger zt"l. 

A book was published in his memory consisting of divrei torah from many of the now grown men and women who attended Kadimah-Toras Moshe in their youth, words of tribute from community leaders, and words of comfort from the Halbfinger family.

If you are interested in having a copy, please contact Rabbi Benjamin Houben (617) 903-3218 in the Boston area or Rabbi Jonathan Krimsky, if you are out of town.

There is a suggested donation of $18 for the volume.  All proceeds go to the Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger Memorial Fund (information about the fund is included in the book).


Wed, October 28 2020 10 Cheshvan 5781