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Our Annual Giving Campaign

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Annual Giving Campaign


When people think of Kadimah-Toras Moshe (KTM), even within the richness of Boston’s Jewish community, they recognize that our synagogue is special for its unique combination of friendliness, openness, and commitment to Judaism. For more than half a century, KTM has been providing a makom (place) for a wonderfully diverse group of people who have been welcomed within its sanctuary.

Our synagogue now faces perhaps its most challenging trial … keeping our doors open for the foreseeable future.

We are fortunate that our building and land are paid for and do not carry a mortgage. Everyone knows, though, that costs have been rising, and KTM’s expenses have been rising along with them.

The KTM Board has put in place a Development Committee that has been tasked with addressing issues that will enable us to…

  • Keep the lights on (yes, it’s that serious!)

  • Keep the rabbi (when you find a good one, you need to pay him what he’s worth!)

  • Keep the shul exciting (and isn’t that what a great synagogue community is all about?)

KTM’s Development Committee has initiated an Annual Giving Campaign to address these issues. The first step in the process was a membership meeting held in June at which our Financial Secretary, Ed Bayone, outlined the hard facts of our situation, discussing the following points, among others:

  • Donations supporting KTM have increased recently but our costs have risen faster

  • Our building requires maintenance that has been deferred

  • Our rabbi is not being fairly compensated for his extensive time and effort

Ed stressed that we have been relying on our reserves and the stock market to keep KTM solvent, and he discussed the importance of putting in place a solid development effort. He also underscored that in order for the synagogue to meet its financial obligations past the next few years we must all step up to help.

At that membership meeting, our Board also outlined suggested annual targeted giving levels that, if achieved, would eliminate the operating deficit, address more of our deferred maintenance, and lay a strong foundation for achieving KTM’s financial goals by demonstrating that our synagogue is a committed, vibrant, and supported entity. We believe this goal can be reached.

How Can You Help?


Each KTM member is asked to contribute to our Annual Giving Campaign. Suggested targeted donation amounts were calculated by examining current KTM income streams, assessing prior giving trends, and clarifying synagogue operating needs. Requested average annual donation amounts are outlined below.


Family        $2,500

Single         $1,250

* Total giving amounts may be achieved by a combination of this annual fund, annual dues, High Holiday seats, High Holiday appeal, an ad in Dinner Journal, kiddush sponsorship, yahrzeit donations, yizkor donations, aliyot donations, and donations during the year.

Admittedly, financial ability varies from person to person, but we hope that each individual will examine his or her own situation and provide strong support for our synagogue’ s vision and what KTM has given – and continues to give – to them, their family, and the community at large. We know that those who are able to contribute more than this guideline amount, need to do so to allow us to maintain our ability to welcome all, regardless of financial capacity.

Ways to Give


There are various ways for you to meet your annual giving target:

Checks. Just write out a check made out to Kadimah-Toras Moshe and send it to our office at 113 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02135.

Post-dated checks. Feel free to write out a series of post-dated checks and send them as a group to the KTM office. Your checks will be kept on file until the payable date and then deposited, and you can consider your obligation completed.

Programming your bank account for automatic withdrawal. Many banks have an automated bill pay function in which you can set an amount, address, and frequency, and the bank will generate and send a check for that amount from your account directly to KTM at the prearranged time. Once you program this function, your work is done, and you can consider your obligation completed.

PayPal. KTM’s website features a link directly to PayPal that enables you to send funds directly to KTM. Please be aware that this functionality, although convenient, does the cost KTM a service fee, and people are encouraged to pay by other methods. However, if this is the most convenient method for you, please go ahead and use it! Here is the link to KTM’s website …   

Of course, KTM’s Annual Giving Campaign is only one part of a renewed overall program to address our synagogue’s  operating and capital expenses. (More about that as the year goes on.) The High Holiday season is about to begin, and we are looking forward to building on the energy of our membership and the successes of the past year to kick off a successful campaign that will propel Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe into our next half century. If you have any questions or want to talk, we are available.

Many thanks to you all!

The Kadimah-Toras Moshe Development Committee (in alphabetical order): Murray Abramson, Amy Bernstein, Emma Brant, Atarah Gale, Steven Greenberg, Robert Housman, Dean Solomon, Paul Wallins

Thu, February 22 2024 13 Adar I 5784