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High Holiday Seat 5783

Ticket Options:

Select this option, if you have two adults and 3 or more young children in your household and you are a member of KTM.

Please select additional tickets for your guests and adult children below.

New, first-time "Individual Membership" - 1 free ticket

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   Number of Womens Seats

Seat Selection Preferences:
Note that at this time we are uncertain whether there will be one minyan or two. 
If there is one minyan, it will take place in the sanctuary, and all purchased seats will be assigned to the sanctuary. 
If there are two minyanim, you will be given a seat in the minyan of your choice. The social hall minyan will be open seating (no assigned seats). 
Please click your preference of minyan IF WE HAVE TWO MINYANIM on the form. Submit your seat requests for the sanctuary in either case -- i.e. if you prefer l'chatchila (from the start) to be in the sanctuary; or in case you prefer the social hall but we have only one minyan. 

Please enter the total number of seats you request. This will open up the seat preference selection menu.

Seating Preferences:

We will try to accommodate your preferences, we cannot promise to reserve these seats for you.

  * Name Location When Requests Notes
Thu, November 30 2023 17 Kislev 5784