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Amazon Portal

Kadimah and Amazon!

Do you shop with Amazon? Then you can help KTM by using the Kadimah Amazon shopping portal. KTM has now become a member of the Amazon Associate Program. Through this program KTM will receive a small percentage of the checkout total for the purchases you are already making. Using this portal will not affect the item price or the checkout total, nor will it change the way you shop on Amazon once you click this link. The only difference is that you connect to Amazon through the KTM shopping portal.

This is a convenient way that you can help fund Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe through your regular shopping activities. 

You can bookmark this link for your own use and share it with friends and family. Your using the Kadimah Amazon Associate portal means that you are an active participant in our congregation’s ongoing activities. We are proud of our role as a vibrant and welcoming Modern Orthodox community in Brighton/Brookline, whose influence is felt throughout the Boston area, and are honored by your partnership with us.

Thu, July 25 2024 19 Tammuz 5784