Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe

Congregation Kadimah-Toras Moshe was Brighton's first Orthodox synagogue, organized in 1941. It was first known as Congregation Kadimah and later merged with Congregation Toras Moshe of Roxbury in 1960. There are 120 families affiliated with the synagogue. We hold classes in Chumash and Talmud as well as on cultural topics weekly, and host a number of other events. There is a Shabbat youth program for toddlers through bar/bat mitzvah age run through our Family Program. The Congregation maintains an active Sisterhood, and is a proud member of the Orthodox Union as well as the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts.

New to the Boston area? Just visiting? Learn more about the local Jewish community, or contact us for home hospitality!

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Our annual giving campaign is underway. Please click here to read about how and why to give financially to the synagogue.


High Holidays 5775

High Holiday Times

For detailed information on davening times during the High Holidays, please refer to the side bar, and to the zmanim sheet and our weekly bulletin in the Useful Information section below.


High Holiday Seats

Don't forget to reserve your seats for the High Holidays!

For information on seats, you can:

  • contact the office
  • call us at 617-254-1333 between 10:00am-2:00pm Mo-Fri.
  • see Jeffrey Houben Sunday mornings 9:15-11:00am
Members: $100.00/seat (seats after 2 are $90.00 each)

Non-members: $150.00/seat

New members: free (max. 2 per family)

Payments can be done:

  • in person at the office
  • by sending us a check
  • online via PayPal
N. B.: When you reserve seats for other family members or guests, please, don't forget to tell us their names.

There are still seats available for Yom Kippur!



Yizkor - Book of Remembrance

Be on the Lookout! There is a letter from our Shul in your mailbox! Please open it and respond immediately!

We are running out of time to prepare a new Yizkor book, to be ready for use on Yom Kippur. (Yes, we got a really late start – we can talk about that, but FIRST we have to finish the book. We truly are sorry about the late start.)

If you wish to donate:

  • You can do it through PayPal
Please, don't forget to send the office an e-mail listing the name and relationship of each person you would like remembered (Example: Sarah Brown, mother).

  • You can also fill out the form and mail it right back – do it as fast as you can.
With any questions, please call the office at 617-254-1333, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Mo-Fr.


Childcare during the High Holidays

Registration for child care during the holidays closes by September 24 and is mandatory!

Please fill out the registration form and send it to the office or to Rebecca Snyder. For more information, please contact Rebecca!

Childcare is free and will run from 9:30AM to 1:30PM.

Thank you!


Hospitality during the High Holidays

Would you like to host our fantastic new members to get to know them better? Are you new to the area?

Fill out this survey and enjoy the famous Kadimah hospitality smile

If you have any question, please contact our lovely hospitality team.


Upcoming Events & Lectures

Candy Sukkah Making for Kids (and the young at heart) - Sunday, October 5, 2014



Simchat Torah Dinner

Stay tuned for more info!

Non-member adults - $20/person:
Non-member children (2 to12y) - $9/child:
Member adults - $12/person:
Member children (2 to12y) - $8/child:
Member family cap - $45:
Additional donation:$



Wednesday 1:30-2:00PM: Language & Lessons of Tanach with Ann Geller - Hebrew Reading from 1:30-2:00pm. Studying Sefer Shmuel 2-3pm.

Wednesday 7:00-8:15PM: Shabbat: A Crash Course lead by Rabbi Berman. Resumes after the Chagim!

Thursday Morning: Gemara Succah with Rabbi Berman. Resumes after the Chagim!

Shabbat Afternoon: Parsha in the Park with Rabbi Berman. See you 1 hour before Mincha @ Joyce Playground! Bring a Chumash and an open mind!

For more information on classes contact the office.

You can listen to recent lectures and access other resources here.


Useful Information

You can download the latest zmanim list here

The weekly Shabbat handout can be downloaded here

Sign up for the weekly minyan with the Minyan Doodle Poll


Make a General Donation

Make a donation through PayPal

Contribute to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund through PayPal


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Services and zmanim
  • Wed.-Thu., Oct. 1-2
    • Shacharit: 6:30am
    • Mincha: 6:05pm
    • Maariv: following Mincha
  • Fri., Oct. 3 Erev Yom Kippur
    • Shacharit: 6:30am
    • Mincha: 2:00pm
    • Kol Nidre: 6:00pm
    • Candles: 6:04pm
    • Maariv: following Kol Nidre
  • Sat., Oct. 4 Yom Kippur
    • Shacharit: 7:30am
    • Yizkor: 11:00am
    • Mincha: 4:25pm
    • Neilah: 5:25pm
    • Maariv: following Neilah
    • Havdala: 7:11pm
  • Sun., Oct. 5
    • Shacharit: 8:30am
    • Mincha: 5:55pm
    • Maariv: following Mincha
  • Mon., Oct. 6
    • Shacharit: 6:50am
    • Mincha: 5:55pm
    • Maariv: following Mincha
  • Tue., Oct. 7
    • Shacharit: 7:00am
    • Mincha: 5:55pm
    • Maariv: following Mincha

Other zmanim

Upcoming Events

Congregation Kadimah–Toras Moshe | 113 Washington Street, Brighton, MA  02135 | (617) 254-1333
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